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Like all valuable relationships, it begins with listening. We ask questions, listen to your concerns, understand your situation and openly discuss your fears. From there, we are able to craft a protection solution that addresses each and every one of those characteristics that make up who you are. We are consistent in that regardless of your immediate need, we will first know the “Why” of your situation, allowing us to provide the protection you desire. At that point, the transaction of a policy has truly become the basis for a secured relationship. This is who we are.

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Home and Condo

Assured Insurance Services is here to routinely help you update your insurance policy to reflect your changing needs. Whether protecting your Primary Residence or your Rental Property, we have a wide variety of carriers for all policy forms. Condo unit owner coverage and Renters insurance round out the Florida policy forms. There are many al a carte options available as well from X-Wind to Liability only, we will listen and recommend what fits your needs.


With a range of coverage options and policy add-ons, you can customize your insurance to ensure you have the right protection for you, your vehicle and your assets. All are always at risk as we navigate our Florida roads.

Boat / RV / Motorcycle / PWC / Golfcart aka Toys

With package policy discounts available, we focus on the protecting you and your assets. Liability exposure is real when it comes to our recreational vehicles. Peace of mind is critical so when enjoying one of your toys, you know all that matters to you…………is protected.

Life & Health

Individual Health Insurance

Both Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plans and Short Term Medical (STM) plans in play for those Under 65 Floridians. Premium subsidies and Cost Share Reductions are strong incentives for individuals to explore their options.

Medicare – Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Along with Social Security claiming strategy, Medicare is milestone worthy of an education on your options. As independent representatives of most major carriers, we will listen and advise so you can make an informed choice on this critical juncture of your retirement.

Life Insurance

Virtually no other passing of money in America is truly Tax Free except for Life Insurance. That alone makes it a solution for a wide variety of needs and a topic, we are passionate about. To add, most Life Insurance now includes Living Benefits which means that the Death Benefit can be accessed while you are alive in the event of a serious chronic, critical or accidental event. While not truly a long term care solution, the Living Benefits can be viewed as an extraordinary benefit you have access to that pool of money of the death benefit.

Supplemental Benefits

Similar to the Aflac benefit model, we have many tools available to protect against specific issues. From a Cancer policy to a Short Term Disability option, let us discuss your concerns and craft a list of options.


Business Insurance

Customizing business insurance is essential to protect your unique enterprise. From bare minimum Commercial General Liability (CGL) solutions to full Business Owner Policy (BOP), we have access to a wide variety of solutions allowing us to tailor coverage to match your needs.

Workers Compensation

Our goal is to ensure that you have the tools and resources to participate in the Florida workers’ compensation system. This includes being duly appointed to place business in the Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Association (FWCJUA) as well as access to numerous Professional Employers Organization (PEO) for those hard to place risks.

Group Health and Benefits

As all employers seek to find and retain quality team members, health insurance and ancillary benefit implementations are on the rise. Don’t get left behind as many more options now exist for business with as few as 2 employees. We can explore a variety of options to fit your budget while meeting your employee retention needs.

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