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Assured Insurance Services is here  to routinely help you update your insurance policy to reflect your changing needs. Not only can we help you understand which coverages work for you, but we also understand the things that matter most to homeowners in our area. We can work together to help make sure you and your home are protected in case bad things happen.

From the very first day, we’ll tailor your  insurance policy to help protect your house and the personal items in your home. You’ll need the basic coverages that prepare you for an unexpected loss or damage, as well as the coverages that give you a valuable safety net for your investment.

As the years go by, you’ll continue to invest in your home. You may hire a contractor for a major renovation, or you may push up your sleeves for a weekend home improvement project. These enhancements may warrant a review of your earlier coverage selections. And many homeowners continue to acquire new valuables like jewelry and antiques that require added protection.

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